Transition Year

Transition Year Programme – Briefing Note March 2017

Hansfield ETSS plans to offer a Transition Year Programme that is a dynamic and worthwhile experience for students.

Planning is progressing in the context of the information and details available at this time.

There may be some changes to the programme below depending on the number of students that select to participate.

A Transition Year Co-ordinator will be recruited shortly from within the staff.

They will be able to further build on the ideas so far and on those available from the National Network for Transition Year.

The suite of learning experiences will fall under three broad areas: Core, Optional and Other

A. Core Areas of Study (this will account for approximately half of the weekly programme - 14 hours)

All students will study the following on a weekly basis:

- Irish (Oral, Literary and Cultural studies) – those with Irish exemptions will not be expected to take part

- English (Literary, Creative Writing, Communications Skills including some attention to public speaking and presentation skills)

- Maths (Applied and Problem Solving focus)

- Modern Language (expansion of oral and written competencies, cultural studies)

- Physical Education

- SPHE, Wellness, Personal Effectiveness

- Ethical Education (which may include reference to philosophy and psychology)

All students will study the following on a rotation basis:

- Information Technology (may be revolving on weekly or term basis, focus will be becoming more proficient in using and managing ICT skills)

- Preparation for work and future careers (study skills, careers, preparation and support for work experience)

B. Optional Areas of Study on a rotation basis (this will account for between 10 – 12 hours a week)

The following modules will be offered on a rotational basis:

- Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurial Skills

- Horticulture Studies (will involve developing a school garden of flowers and vegetables)

- Performing Arts / Drama / Musical/ Film Studies (will involve a performance)

- Food Preparation / Nutrition (to include focus on international and health issues)

- DIY – General skills

- Technology

- Crafts and Textiles

- STEM (Science , Technology, Engineering , Maths)

- Humanities (a blend of History, Politics, Geography, Social Studies).

- Event / Project Management and Journalism

- Research Skills

Students will choose 6 of the above modules to study over the year.

Each module will typically be 20 hours in duration but some may be longer or shorter.

C. Other Areas of Exploration

- Work Experience – one community or care focus & one general focus(may be in block release or weekly with an approximate value of 15 days)

- Day Trips and Occasional Workshops x 6 approximately (there may be small charges involved for a train or bus fare)

- Cultural and Historical Sites

- Science related e.g. Science Gallery, Young Scientists

- Theatre, Music Related, Film

- Art Galleries

- Others depending on expertise available from parent body, local community or national bodies.

- First Aid ( 2 x half day workshops or 1 x full day)

- Team Building: All students will be involved in at least one team building exercise held away from the school. The cost of this will be included in the charge for the programme. Other team building activities will be incorporated throughout the programme.

- All students will be invited to complete the Gaisce Award.

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