Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle is a three year programme of study in post-primary school. It aims to develop students’ basic skills and knowledge as a foundation for learning at senior cycle and as an adult later in life. The programme of study offers a range of learning opportunities through subjects (core and options), short courses and other learning experiences which may include extra-curricular activities.

The Junior Cycle Programme at Hansfield ETSS is packed with lots of add-on activities – field trips, creative writing workshops, book clubs and sporting activities. We hope you enjoy the programme and in keeping with our commitment to student voice and parental participation we would welcome you feedback. This is best given through your Year Head, Tutors and Teachers or others staff such as Special Needs Assistants.

Under the Junior Cycle programme the school is required by the Department of Education & Skills to provide a programme on Relationships & Sexuality Education (RSE).

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is the national body responsible for the development of the curriculum and assessment strategies at Junior Cycle. A lot of general information about the Junior Cycle in all schools is available through its website.

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) is the body responsible for overseeing the Junior Certificate Examinations. It provides general details on its website (see Link below) but the school will provide the details to all students at the relevant stages. Each school carries out some of the assessment components and will provide details as relevant.

You will find more details at the links below.

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